SAPA Directors

Mr James McKerrell

As chairman of the SA Payroll Association, James has to strategically focus the efforts of the EXCO to enhance the profile of the Association, and also engage with international Payroll Associations and other related stakeholders to form mutually beneficial relationships and affiliations.

James is passionate about having payroll practitioners recognized as professionals and spends much time lobbying for this cause.

Mrs Lavinthra Haripersad

Lavine Haripersad has a BComm Honours degree and 25 years experience in Finance & Payroll, of which 15 years has been in Payroll Management working for large national companies. Lavine relocated from KZN to Gauteng in 2002 to join Nampak as the Group Payroll Manager. She thrives on the ongoing challenges that the payroll environment brings.

Lavine was appointed as a director of SAPA in 2008 and currently holds the portfolio of Events Director.

Lavine’s view is that Payroll Professionals are the guardian of the payroll. Payrolls can be the biggest expense of a company and unfortunately, when things go wrong, it can also end up being the single biggest risk to a company. The payroll world is constantly evolving through legislative amendments and surrounding practical complications and this burden is placed on the Payroll Professional.

She is passionate about her role has Events Director and strives to bring exciting, interesting and educational events and workshops to help equip the Payroll Professional with running an effective and efficient Payroll Department and adds that SAPA’s drive to Professionalizing the payroll personnel will raise the level of the Payroll Professional.
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Ms Nicolette Nicholson

Nicolette Nicholson is currently the Payroll Financial Manager at Bidvest Services (PTY) and has over 32 years’ experience in the Payroll Arena.  Nicolette joined the South African Payroll Association Board in 2012.

She is responsible for the External Stakeholder portfolio where she will attempt to create a larger footprint for the association and also promote the association as a professional body in the larger Employer market. Part of her responsibilities is to create growth and awareness and enhance the credibility of the SA Payroll Association in the workplace.

Her experience in payroll includes diverse project portfolios such as Business Process Analysis, Remuneration Policy Audits, and Employment and Tax Legislation compliance assessments.  This broad experience puts her in the position of being able to present workshops and seminars on Employment and Tax Legislation compliance in South Africa, and she is fast becoming a sought after speaker at major Payroll events.

Nicolette is married and also a keen painter and poet and is the eccentric artist at home.
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Ms Cathie Webb

Science teacher turned business woman, Cathie started her business career in accounting and payroll Software Support.  It was while implementing payroll systems for client that she saw the financial risks run by companies employing unqualified payroll staff and identified a training requirement.  Cathie has been passionate about the professionalising of payroll administrators ever since.
A director of the SA Payroll Association, and Vice-Chair of the Payroll Author’s Group, Cathie has committed much of her personal time to payroll qualifications, first in the co-writing of unit standards, now approved by SAQA as 2 national qualifications, and then in the creation of the first eLearning payroll qualification in Africa, and one of only 2 in the world. 

Cathie is now Chief Operations Officer for Accsys.  She is determined to open the possibilities of a career in payroll to others who enjoy both people and working with figures.
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Doreen Dodgen

Doreen has been involved in payroll for 24 years where she has gained extensive operantional knowledge, enabling her to understand the full picture of payroll and how important it is for payroll staff to be highly skilled and knowlegable. Doreen is curently the Payroll Manager of the Sandton Consortium for Tsogo Sun and was the Senior Payroll Award Winner in 2016.

Her portfolio within the Association is membership and she feels strongly that as an Industry we need to grow our membership, in order to have serious backing when dealing with legislative bodies. One of the primary goals for SAPA is to ensure that all Payroll staff have a professional designation recognising their qualifications and experience. The changes in legislation in South Africa are frequent and often complicated, and SAPA offers a route through which the payroll professional can be assured they are receiving the correct advice and information.

Arlene Leggat

Arlene Leggat is an experienced Payroll Consultant who has been involved in the Payroll industry since 1988. She has experienced payroll from both a systems perspective as well as from an operational point of vie, enabling her to see the impact throughout the organization.. She has been involved with various large corporate, either in management or consulting to them regarding Payroll.

She is a subject matter expert and feels very passionately about sharing this knowledge by ensuring that Payroll staff are afforded the opportunity to up skill themselves. She is the owner of ESP Payroll, a Training and Consulting company, where she runs workshops on a wide range of Payroll specific topics.

Her extensive knowledge in payroll practices enables her to analyse and support her client’s needs, and to assist with problem resolution within the organisation.

Mientjie Thyssen

Sue Molyneux-Glenn (Co-opted)

Moira du Plessis (Co-opted)